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The Road

Page history last edited by Steven Marx 9 years, 8 months ago

1.) A map of the possible route taken in The Road:

2.) An early review of the novel by British writer and environmental activist George Monbiot: "The Road Well Travelled":

3.) Another review of the novel: "There's More to Life than Biological Survival"; the first part of this article discusses the book, the second part discusses the movie:  

4.) Cormac McCarthy's first television interview ever, in which he discusses The Road (and other things) with Oprah Winfrey:

For those who have some extra time on their hands:

5.) A short academic review of the book and film by Mark Fisher (attached):
Fisher, Mark. "The Lonely Road." Film Quarterly 63:13 (Spring 2010): 14-17.

6.) A longer academic article by Shelly Rambo (attached):
Rambo, Shelly.  "Beyond Redemption?: Reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road After the End of the World." Studies in the Literary Imagination 41:2 (Fall 2008): 99-120.  

TheRoad_ShellyRambo_Article.pdf TheRoad_MarkFisher_Article.pdf

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