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Comments by Alypios

Page history last edited by Steven Marx 11 years, 2 months ago

Comments on “The Necessary Revolution”  by Peter Senge

From Alypios.  Sorry I will miss our meeting on the 5th of June due to a conference about Sustainability! on the east coast.

Interesting angle and good suggestions about individual actions.

I am still skeptical about the motivation behind the actions of some of the big companies mentioned.  Most of them appear to just be using their actions in strategic areas as PR.  Still better than nothing but I do not think these contributions will change the tide.  It is a great toolkit for people (within corporations)  interested in participating even if their individual actions are not immediately visible.

The tone of the book changes completely in part VII as if someone else wrote it from that point on…It starts talking about the need for a real revolution which is more convincing as a game changer compared to the tinkering around the margins of the previous parts.  Sections 28 goes even further to question basic philosophy of human rights on earth which is a higher bar than preserving the same (as we have today) resources for future generations (as discussed in the current definition of sustainability).

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on the book.

Have fun.


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