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Directions for driving, etc

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6005 Los Osos Valley Rd.


From Cal Poly, take Foothill Blvd. to Los Osos Valley Rd. (LOVR).  Turn right at the light.  Go exactly 2.5 miles away from the Foothill Blvd towards the ocean.  (It helps if you clock the miles.)


We are on the left, at 6005 Los Osos Valley Rd.  There is a row of black mailboxes at the foot of the driveway, and very noticeably, right AFTER the driveway, there is a long row of tall trees on both sides of road.  There are also trees that go up the driveway.  Basically, turn left into the drive when you see the big trees; before that, it is just fields.  Traffic goes fast there, so it is good to have a visual landmark for turning.


We will meet in the fields at 10:20.  Go (slowly) up the driveway about 1/4 mile, and park by the dumpsters or side of driveway.  We will be on the left - look for us out in the fields.  There are flowers in production, so look for color.


If you come late, and don't see anyone down below. Go all the way to the top of the hill:


It is a LONG drive (about .8 mile from LOVR).  Keep going up, to the end - at very TOP.  Drive dead ends at our house.  Pass the barn and all of the farm buildings.  Gravel road for first half, then becomes paved.  You must go 10 MPH on gravel, please!  (The landlord is concerned about dust.)  Also, parking at the top of the hill is very limited.  Carpool if you can.  Thank you.


HUNTER's Cell: 235-4052

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