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Links provided by Hunter about Pollan

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Are 'ring dings' food?


Come to book club and you'll find out!


FRIDAY, October 2, 10:20-12:00 at Vintage Organic Farm (directions below).  Get there whenever you can, and stay as long as you are able.  Drop-ins welcome.  It's about a 15 minute drive from Cal Poly.

We will start with a quick tour of the farm with the owner starting at 10:20 AM, and then go up to the house for book club discussion.

Brown bag lunch al sustainable fresco at noon is optional.  Bring a suit if you'd like a swim.  I'll have beverage and a pot of brown rice and some veggies available for those who want them.

A few links to ponder related to Michael Pollan's recent work/activities:



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